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     ABORTED FETUS started in Perm city in summer of 2000. Primary names were: Incide Decay and Fermented Corpse. The style was defined as death metal. The founders of the group are: Alexander"Meatgrinder"Andreev (rhythm guitar) and Alexander Hahalkin (leader guitar) played as the two and needed a drummer and a bassist. Soon a drummer Andrey"D'jorson"D'yakov disbanded doom group UNDERCROFT was admitted. Together they recorded a demo tape "World To Bleeding" 2000. Slightly later the group was joined by a bassist Dmitry"Ash"Gagarinov, member of SOCIAL DEFORMITY. With this line-up there was recorded a new demo "Intestinal Crisis" 2001. The material was already dignified in the spirit of brutal death metal. Later Alexandr Hahalkin leaves the band, he’s replaced by Igor "Mazum" of a group DEATHONATOR. Later Igor leaves the group as not suitable musician for new material. During the 2002 year ABORTED FETUS intensivly rehearse and don't lose a hope to find a new lead guitarist. Some time later a guitarist of SOCIAL DEFORMITY Ilya "Reanimator" Tsikin joined the band. Having played for some time, Reanimator lost his aspiration and leave the band. At the same time band recorded a third demo "Murder & Rape Your Flesh" 2002. Soon the bassman "Ash" leaves the band, and Alexey"Alex"Cherepanov of a disbanded INCARNATE replaces him. With this line-up the group releases a split cd with INCARNATE named "Splitted Alive" 2003[self released], which includes the second demo "Intestinal Crisis". Then in 2004 the group releases a split on Coyote Records with brazilian M.D.K. & polish NECROPSY, which includes the demo "Murder & Rape Your Flesh"… In period of 2004-2006 years, band playing more gigs in Russia, which includes performances like a “PETROGRIND FEST 2004”, “BRUTAL FUCKING FEST”. This line-up were recording EP “Devoured Fetuses” which released as a split with Scybala/Cumshot/Mortalized on Coyote Records. In spring of 2006 “Alex” left the band, and replaced by Semen”Sem”Kravchenko, guitarist of local brutal death metal band ESTEBUN. Some weeks ago ABORTED FETUS started like a quartet with a vocalist Alexander”Che Of Gore”Chernishev…his first performance was a 29 of october 2006 year in Siktivkar city, on the 200 kilometres of polar circle. For this time of october to present days band plays more gigs with bands like AVULSED,DEEP RED,DEAD INFECTION,SKULLHOG,TORTURE KILLER and more of local russian death metal bands. Also band plays tour with company of CEREBRAL EFFUSION and ANAL NOSOROG on february of this year. These line-up is more hearse and compose material for the first full-lenght CD “Goresoaked Clinical Accidents”, which been released until the end of 2008 year, and some songs for the second album. Music of ABORTED FETUS have big influence of present days US-way BRUTAL DEATH. It’s a essence of DISGORGE,DEVOURMENT,PUSTULATED,DEEDS OF FLESH music which invade our minds forever.

2 years later Sem left the band,and band again in searches of the new participant...

New bassman Roman "Guttural man" from Dormant Carnivore band.

Later left the band vocalist Alexander "Che Of Gore".

Fetus Discography:

2000 World Of Bleeding [demo]
2001 Intestinal Crisis [demo]           
2002 Murder & Rape Your Flesh [demo] 
2003 Splitted Alive [split with Incarnate] selfreleased
2004 Excoriating Abdominal Emanation [split with M.D.K.(Brazil)/Necropsy(Poland)] Coyote Records
2006 Devoured Fetuses PROMO
2006 Goreconception Reality 4Way Split CD [with Cumshot/Scybala/Mortalized] Coyote Records
2008 Goresoaked Clinical Accident Coyote Records
2010 Fatal Dogmatic Damage Comatose Music


Andrey "D'jorson" - Drums
Alexander "Meatgrinder" - Guitar
Roman "Guttural man" - Bass
Alexander "Implant" - Vocal

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